These past several months have been unlike anything in my lifetime. I have flashbacks of my husband and I eating popcorn at the movies, meeting our friends for coffee, having breakfast after mass every Sunday at our favorite restaurant, hugs when we see our grandkids. And then an unwelcome visitor, Covid-19 landed and has not left. Life as we know it has been dramatically changed. It is hard to sit six feet across from family and close friends. I can’t leave the house without my mask, gloves and sanitizer. 

At first, I had the mindset that “we will just do what we have to do.” But I don’t think I envisioned our “quarantine” from familiar would last this long! Some days feel heavy, like I’ve been sentenced and I’m not guilty. But regardless, I have to do the time.

Working as a psychotherapist for over 25 years, I have seen the damage from negative thinking. It’s like our brain gets a ‘bug’, and if we keep feeding it we lose our ability to thrive. Reframing negative thoughts is our antidote and when used continuously empowers us.

So, the other day when the negative ‘bug’ came scratching at my door, I went to one of my coping cards and was moved to make this video.



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