Dashing Thru Delight Even Tho the Christmas Lights Seem Dim

Wrap up that delight and spread it’s gifts among everyone you see.  Put a bow on a more extensive “hello” to the grocery clerk.  Go beyond the “how are you” generic greeting.  Smile at the couple passing you by even though you are no longer a couple.  Listen to Christmas music and take some time to reflect on friends you haven’t seen in a while and call one of them.  Take time out from shopping lists and do a kind act for a neighbor or your postman.  Make some cookies for some cops.  Send a thank you to your priest. And in wearing the cloak of kindness, spread some on yourself.  Bask in the breezes of a stroll through nature.  Notice the colors and scents as you walk. 


Recently a friend and I were sharing the losses of our best friends, my husband and her fiancé.  We agreed that we are wearing a thin vest, a vest that lacks insulating us from sadness.  Grief is like the ocean.  A huge wave can overtake you and knock you down.  The only way to get back up is to  sit with it for a little while  Let the tears come, talk to your loved one, write him a letter.  And then cherish the memories, look at photos and write down notes of gratitude.  Feel the wave of grief calming down and call someone you trust. 


My friend and I shared how kindness somehow soothes our grief.  A text from someone checking in with us, a surprise gift of soup or cake.  A friend asks “how are you doing?” and their eyes and voice say they really want to know. 


We left our lunch visit with a renewed sense of the importance of showing value to others, and to ourselves.

I went home, played some Christmas music, decorated my mantle with angels, reindeer and pine leaves.  So missing my husband, and yet feeling the Joy of Christmas.  

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