We Have often heard our later years described as "The GoldenYears."  And yet upon entering this era I can recite many mutterings challenging the word Golden.  As people age their bodie often remind them they are not as fit as they once were.  A few extra pounds, arthritis setting in, knee and hip issues,l high blood pressure to name a few of the maladies of aging.

Some years back I read a line that stuck with me.  It said "I've lost the sunshine of my youth."  Well, I have lost my youth and not to return.  But being a psychotherapist for thirty years, my middle name is REFRAME. I'd like to think I have not lost my sunshine.  Rather than lament the wrinkles we now have, be grateful we have  lived long enough to have them.  Instead of complaining about how I can't do the things I used to do, explore the possibilities of what I can do today.  

You can bemoan that you aren't as tech savy as younger people and stay stuck.  Or you can take a computer class.  You used to be an avid tennis player, so to you say "Wish I could still play tennis" or do you chck out a yoga or Pilates class?  

Years ago a colleague of mine said "at our age we have had a lot of Firsts.  We need to continue to have Firsts." Firsts create some anxiety and apprehension as well as some excitement.  It stirs parts of us that need to be stirred.  Stimulation is the sunshine of aging.  

To keep our days sunny we need socialization.  We need to connect with people, to share ideas, to tell stories and to laugh. People charge our batteries and keep us from becoming staid  In this era of life,we lose family and long-time friends.  While we will grieve those losses, we must be open to meeting new people  

Take a day to visit the beach or a park and watch a young child chase a seagull or gleefully play on the swings.  Embrace that joy you see and let it tap into that memory of your youth.  Take more than a moment to visit this place and see where it takes you.

At this point you might be saying "Ok Georgette Reframe, this is easier said than done.  This is true.  And yet, my years on this planet have taught me to believe that our brain is a powerful instrument, and our attitude around negative thoughts is paramount in determing our days ahead.  

  • Joan Acomb says...

    Sue read this to us in our little group. How true, how true! For me there is a God factor in this and I should not leave Him out. It is praising Him for what He has done in my life and for His beauty He has created for us to enjoy. These days I ask Him how I can bless others around me whether it is by a letter, a phone call or some act of courtesy.

    Sometimes I fail because I am caught up with the tyranny of the urgent. But ideally
    I want to say in the morning hour, “Hear I am Lord, how can I honor You this day?”
    He shows me.

    On Jun 09, 2022

  • Hildo Hernandez says...

    Hey, hey! How nice to see and read your beautiful words of reality and also get to see the golden sunsets. As seniors we can still be and inspiration for others, especially for the younger generation. Thanks for sharing.
    Nanci and Hildo H.

    On Jun 05, 2022

  • Jeanette Canaday says...

    Such wonderful words of wisdom my friend.
    Thanks for sharing.

    On Jun 05, 2022

  • Sue Hass Cederquist says...

    As having just retired, I needed this Georgette! Reframe will be my motto, and to create new “firsts” a goal of mine. Thank you for sharing and being such an encouragement to so many. My best to you! Sue

    On Jun 04, 2022

  • Betsy says...

    Amen, sister!!!🥰💕💕💕
    What a beautiful stretch into new territory and friends you have just made! Congratulations and thank you for your words and the inspiration to “just do it”! 🌟🌟🌟

    On Jun 04, 2022

  • Georgette Milla says...

    Please feel free to leave comments about your thoughts on this blog posts

    On Jun 04, 2022

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