We often have two voices in our head.  One says "I choose to have peace in this moment."  

The other says "I hate what is going on in the world right now!"

Sometimes it feels like we don't have a choice about the thoughts that come into our mind.  And when those thoughts trigger old resentments or present fears, sound the Alarm!  If we aren't careful we can go over our righteous case for those negative feelings. And then the lens of our world, even tho it may be a sunny day, becomes dark. 

Over the years I have learned I cannot to stay in this costly place very long. The longer I stay, the more detrimental it is to my well being.  So, hopefully sooner rather than later, I turn to my antidote to negativity:  reframing and gratitude. 

Rather than belabor the divisiveness  in our country right now, I can put a different frame on that thought.  I can say to myself "Show some kindness to yourself and to one other person today and see how that makes you feel." Notice if the day gets a little more sunny.

A powerful booster to the inoculation of reframing is gratitude  Switching gears from lamenting all that is wrong to appreciating pleasing nuances that life brings, like a blue sky with crisp white clouds, the sweet sound of a nightingale or a phone call from a treasured friend.  

Reframing and gratitude are powerful tools to douse the toxicity of negative thinking.  Challenge yourself today.  No matter what you see on the news, irregardless of feelings that get triggered take a quick step to your toolbox and administer yourself with a wealthy dose of renewed peace.  

Easier said than done, Yes!  And yet, remember the first day you went to the gym, or got on a treadmill or began yoga. Putting some days in after the first one you got stronger, more confident and you liked the results!

Today may you embark on the magical journey of reframing.